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Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to get acquainted with Russian girl in the street

Russian girls

Of all the places to explore street - one of the most difficult places.

 But this is possible in the street to meet a large number of different Russian girls from different social backgrounds. This makes the street very attractive in terms of practice and even dating quick seduction. In addition, very often that is where you meet these beauties on which the head is turned, and very sorry to see them off look, not knowing how to meet on the street.
Before we develop methods meeting on the street, you should first study the article as to approach a girl in the street. Only confident approach to practice, you can get a chance for a successful introduction. After all, on the street turns very quickly - is bored at the approach of the Russian girl instantly and you shall continue to move forward.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

flirting on the Skype

Mini-skirt, a spectacular makeup and perfect styling will not help you to charm a guy on the internet or in the sms-correspondence. Psychologists have found that off-putting, but what attracted us when we flirt with modern means of communication.
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British scientists have found that about 30% of people will avoid contact with the man, whom he met on the Skype, if it is in their reports often make grammatical errors.

Also on the Internet scares such quality as obsession, as well, and in real life.

Another embarrassing moment online communication - consistent use of emoticons.

Most of the participants who went to the real object of the meeting with his flirting on the Skype, confident that the first message received or sent after the first date, can affect the development of relations in the future.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Offer to help the situation

It is a beautiful and convenient way to approach the Russian girl who opens up many ways to further developments. For example, you can start like this: Just open the door you like Russian girl.

Direct approach, when you behave like a gentleman, opens up many possibilities, including help Russian girl when loaded with bags and / or packages to help raise her purse when she dropped it and a lot of other ways. Do not say a word, just give her help and immediately gain her favor.

But remember, we do not advise you to create such opportunities. In the latter instance, for example, do not knock it just to tell her "please" for the help that you were her. And not just because it is so obvious and predictable, but also rude. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.
Dress for the situation

When you know where you are going and what type of girl you like, you can achieve a lot if you dress properly ... and attractive. Russian women are paying a lot of attention to how they dressed men, and successful players already know this, so do it right, you can achieve the best results.

If you are in search of the girl in a top class chic club, you have to put all the best.

Russian Women dress to be attractive to men, and contrary to popular opinion, it works in both cases. In addition, this is another way to meet women.

If you make the right compliment on how wearing Russian girl, it's almost always work.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Russian women looking for men. When she calms down?

Everyone can see how men want Russian women looking for them, take care, catch up, persecuted, eventually, get into the bond of marriage, where it appears that much longer to run, and not for anyone, but slow-witted peasants wife explains. Hunting is over! Are you married, enjoy the happiness of family life. Is it true that Russian women are not looking for a man, but only slowly, and looking back, mimic the runaway? Is it true that, having married, they stop searching? I propose to think together.

To begin with a parable.

Opened a shop, where Russian women can choose and buy a husband.
Near the entrance hangs a set of rules of the store as follows:
A. You can visit the store once.
Two. The store 6 floors, the quality of men increases with increasing atomic number of floors.
Three. You can choose any man on any floor or climb to the top floor.
4. Not allowed to return to the ground floor.

One woman decided to visit this most "shop men" to find a companion. Reading at the entrance to the first floor the sign: "Men with a job" - it goes directly to the second floor. A sign on the second floor: "Men who have jobs and love kids." Russian woman goes to the third. A sign on the third floor: "Men who have jobs, love kids, and very beautiful." "Wow!" - I thought the  Russian woman, but still went to the fourth floor.
A sign on the fourth floor: "Men who have a job, loving children, a dazzling beauty, and help around the house."
- Incredible! - Cried the woman. - It is very hard to resist!
But by saying it is still up to the fifth floor.
A sign on the fifth floor: "Men who have a job, loving children, dazzling beauty, helping around the house and very romantic."
The woman really wanted to stay on this floor and choose a mate, but she, breaking himself went to the top floor.
And on the sixth floor sign so it reads the following content:
"You are on this floor the visitor N31 456 012, there are no men, this floor there is only to once again prove that a woman can not be met. Thank you for visiting our store!"

And right in front of the store was opened "Shop wives."
On the first floor there are women who love sex.
Prior to the second floor of no man came.

I noticed that women tend to change a good man, for the best, better, an even better, and so on to infinity, the ideal would still be a desire to leave to be desired. Maybe this is the reason many women their dissatisfaction with the man, who is with her in marriage, because the best is not easy to find.

But when the woman calmed down in terms of finding the perfect man?
Do you think that when married? Sometimes, not completely, but it happens. But does the search finishes, in my opinion, when pregnant. All nature, biology, physiology, according to a woman - enough, you now have something to do.

Many young ladies are so honest that my young man reported that simply living together does not suit them, you need to get married, and then "goes in search" of another pretender to the hand and heart. A man is frightened, and marry, then a young lady, he continues: here we are husband and wife, as time goes on, you need to get pregnant and give birth, and then "go in search" to stop her man agrees. After that, the woman calmed down, the biological program is executed.

Young people wonder why the girl with whom they meet, begins to occur in parallel with other men that she is missing? She is looking for, it is well with you, but you need the best, financially and emotionally more affluent who offers to marry, will provide its desires and aspirations.

Now a bit of linguistic bullying.
Each girl has a body that is in the anatomy - the vagina. It's a metaphor for all women. There can be only "puts" that is, to invest. Now, if this body is called "davalische", then men would have the chance to get something from a woman. I think so wisely devised by nature. A man called the woman to care for, invest in her own resources, power, money, time, energy and love. A woman searches for and selects the best, because any "vlagalets," ie, "vlazhenets", in short - the elect (the husband), it is not necessary, but only the most worthy. Hence the tale of the knight on a white horse, mind you, not the shepherd, not a desktop, not a peasant, it is also worthy of the profession, and it needed - a knight, and of a white horse for romance.

Most of the men from the women in the first place need sex, very well, if this is not "floating brains" to sex, after sex instead of sex. Well, if it is to talk about, is quite remarkable.

Most Russian women from men need - everything!

Monday, July 23, 2012

How to argue with a Russian woman

"Walking anecdote"

Men love to write scathing jokes about Russian women. That's the most famous - from Maxim Galkin, "once caught a woman who opened her skull, and there is some kind of rope. We thought, thought it was a rope. And then they took scissors and cut. Well - your ears fall off! "A poor blondes do have deleted from the list of homo sapiens. "The blonde walks up the stairs and asked:" This is the second floor? "-" There is a third. " - "Where's the second?" In wit about the "stupidity" and a few women practiced a songwriter. Here odnostishiya who walks on the Internet: "No, I do not mind, just do not agree," "gave me a vacuum cleaner, getting married, probably ...".

Low opinion of women's minds were of all men at all times. Pechorin, Lermontov mouth as analyzing the structure of the reasoning of the weaker sex, "There is nothing paradoxical female mind: the order of evidence that they are destroying their prejudices, very original. To learn their dialectic, it is necessary to overturn in his mind all the school rules of logic. For example, the way ordinary, "This man loves me, but I'm married, therefore, must not love him." Women's Way: "I must not love him, because I'm married, but he loves me, so ...". Ellipsis involves an incredible number of options - from the desire to make fun of the boyfriend until ready to surrender immediately.

Flies from cutlets are not separated

A rigorous analysis of female logic is still in its infancy. But today it can be argued that the alleged statement or illogical behavior of the fairer sex is actually subject to the iron, but the kind of reasoning. In my mind a woman instantly scrolls set scenarios. And gives the answer out loud, seemingly a man totally illogical, but in fact - the only true in a long line of its lightning-like reasoning.

From the perspective of women's logic, this situation stands as follows. The chain of reasoning, the Russian woman, Masha, "If I ask him to tie my shoelace, which is not untied, and if he wants me, he will take the opportunity to touch my feet and hands to glide over them from the bottom up, it will be nice to me, and as he bowed his will, then I will be able to stroke his beautiful hair, then it will rise slowly, hugging me with all your beautiful body, arms reach of my breasts, he begins to caress them, and then our lips meet in a kiss - and I I want this! "

That's how much emotions and desires hidden behind a simple request to tie a shoelace. But the logic of stubborn men: for them the concept of "lace" and "love kiss" is as inconsistent as flies and cutlets. The second statement ("Idiot!") Is disappointed Masha, a Russian woman who did not want to hurt Sasha, but pointed it at his mistake. But again, Sasha knew it literally, and so in fact it simply offended.

Strict account details

One of the first who tried to formulate in 1925 one of the laws of female logic, was head of the Department of Mathematical Logic, Moscow State University Andrey Kolmogorov: "If the expression of P implies Q, and Q is nice, then P is true." For example: "If the husband has the money, I will have a new coat (a P => Q); have a nice new coat (a Q - nice), it follows that the husband has the money (that P)."

For men, this logic is absurd for Russian women - iron. In addition, it may be that the claim is accepted, and its consequence - no. Try to speak in the presence of ladies, that the existence of an immortal soul has not yet been proved. Most likely, it will be greeted with complete indifference. But if you emphasize that the presence of mind in women (!) Is still in doubt, then you have to compare the reaction, fleeing from flying in your caustic remarks. But at the beginning of the last century has been identified: male logic is straightforward, focused on something specific, and for women - is intuitive and is associated with the light of thousands of necessary and unnecessary details.

Following Kolmogorov for the study of women's intuition took PhD Vladimir Bashkirov, and Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Dmitry Buleshov. Together, they brought the laws of female logic.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Russian girls for Huntress other people's money?

And yet, like the Russian girls is not everything. Many American and European men accuse them of excessive commercialism, money lust, vulgarity, and availability. And there are some opinions: "They are willing to sell the soul for the branded stuff, all as a dyed in blonde and wash off make-up fighting, even at home." Unflattering reputation of Russian girls have won in the early nineties, when the Russians are not too honest by any means trying to escape abroad. From this image is still suffering of Russian women. Marina lives in the U.S. for four years, she admits that when meeting rarely speaks of his Russian origins. She said: "The Russian there is a very bad reputation, many people think that Russian girls - prostitutes. One has only to say that you're a Russian, - at once begin to flirt. I have a 99 per cent of cases can identify Russian in the crowd. Most are dressed loudly and defiantly. Of course there are girls with good taste, but I met a few of these. And look down on Russian locals speak with disdain about the Americans - say they are stupid. Who might like? Constantly have to break through stereotypes. To make friends with the Americans and prove you're a normal person, it takes time "
And smart, and beautiful ...
However, the fact remains - many Russian women are really enjoying wide popularity among Americans. Russians themselves believe that the Western women, accusing them of vulgarity, they are just jealous. Very often Russian girls too self-confident and with each other and roll in the comments like: "Oh, Madonna, well, nice for an American, and for the Russian - so-so."

To be fair to say that the superiority complex fueling a Russian woman, American men do. Courting Russian beauties, they sing their songs that Russian women are amazingly combines the wit, beauty, domesticity and affection. The Americans have, and good judgment: Russian seldom spoiled American disease - feminism, not "shake their rights," they are kind and yielding.

Helen, who immigrated to the U.S. from Chisinau, said: "I was originally prepared for what I would pay much attention. I was told about it. I think it's not just in appearance and ability to take care of yourself, I think that Russian and Eastern European girls are more open, easier to go to the contact. In the former Soviet Union is certainly very few normal men, so the girls got used to always look your best, pay attention to men. "

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

russian police women

"If only they could explain that to live - it is one thing, but spending money is another. But this is impossible. If only they were taught to live, instead of earning spending money. But the miners - poor people, killed people, they are dead women, dead in life. youth riding with the girls on motorcycles and dancing jazz, whenever possible. But they are quite dead, and therefore they need the money. Money poisons you when you have them, and you're starving, when they are not ."I know you're tired of all this. HQ I do not want to talk about themselves, and in my life russian women, there are no interesting incidents. I do not like to think too much about you, it just complicates life. But I now live only in order to We-you and me - to live together. "And I'm a little russian women afraid. I smell the devil's in the air, he will try to eat us. Or rather, not the devil - and Mammon, who is nothing like the mass will of people wanting money and hating life. In any case, I smell in the air, the evil that wants to strangle anyone who tries to live, to live out of the money. There comes a black days, if all goes as it is now, in the future, I see nothing but death and destruction. Sometimes I feel like everything grows cold in me - and you still have a baby! But nothing! All times are russian women bad, that ever were, could not extinguish the love of the people. So they will not be able to extinguish in me the desire to you, or that burns between us . We'll be together next year. And although I'm afraid - I believe you will be with me. man should defend and fight - and, moreover, to believe in something higher. You can not protect themselves from the future, unless faith in the best in himself and in his power. And I believe in the little flame between us. Now it's the only thing for me all over the world. I have 'no friends, no relatives. Only you. And now the little flame is all I love in life. That's what I hold and what will stay, regardless of Clifford and Bert, the coal companies and social disorder.